Nutritional Databases

Below are some reputable nutritional databases that offer comprehensive data on the nutritional content of various foods:

Cups Per Serving Calculation

To determine how many cups of a microgreen are needed to meet the RDA for each nutrient, the following steps are taken:

  1. Convert Nutrient Content and RDA to a common unit (e.g., mg).
  2. Calculate the grams of the microgreen needed to meet the RDA.
  3. Convert this weight into cups (assuming one cup equals 28.43 grams).

For example, if a microgreen has 2 mg of Vitamin C per gram, and the RDA for Vitamin C is 90 mg, approximately 1.58 cups of this microgreen are needed to meet the daily RDA of Vitamin C.

Note: The actual density of the microgreen and RDA values can vary. Nutrient content can also vary based on growing conditions and other factors. It's essential to use reliable data sources for these values and consult with a nutritionist for precise nutritional calculations.

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