The Broccoli Raab microgreen adds a coarsely flavor to your meal. It is composed of smalls light green delicate leaves over a white stem.


Contains soluble fibers, indole-3carbonol (I3C), folate, sulfur, and a wide variety of minerals and vitamins C, K.





Detox and heals


Increases protection from bacterial and viral infections

Reduces cancer risk

Protects against heart diseases

Regulation of blood sugar and insulin dependence

Prevents both hyper and hypoglycemia

Slows progression of AIDS

Slows aging

Contribute in DNA Repair and protection

Protects against dementia

Alleviates cardiovascular disease

Alleviates hypertension

Improves eyesight

Protects from Alzheimer

Protects from Osteoporosis

Helps in strike prevention

Reduces risk of Type II diabetes

Lowers frequency of migraine headaches

Helps in preventing Epileptic seizures

Prevents spot baldness

Alleviates inflammation

Minimizes premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)






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